Nov 24, 2009

Bad day

This morning when I was waiting to enter the car park at HQ
and this fellow A called

A: Leo, Sorry ar meeting hari ini tak jadi
Me: har?why? last minute only inform and i already reached here, my colleagues too
A: Yang department lain tak dapat hadir, so kita tukar tomorrow la.
Me: I on leave tomorrowo ya, cannot attend
A: then a, you on leave hari ini la.
Me: =_= wtf

wtf my office is at Cyberjaya not inside my HQ ok
So I've got no choice that i have to go back to my office
thinking that my colleagues should have reached much ealier
so when i reached office


Can you believe it?

my sisters and BIL, please don't say I am the laziest!
This is the culture in my company

*updated 11.25am*
Finally one called and claimed that they have their own meeting
but at least he didn't cheat on me like the other did

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jijitankyy said...

Woh..your working time so flexible..good leh.