Aug 17, 2008

LeeChongWei vs LinDan

updated 9.45pm..Leechongwei lost d..but still bravo to him! Lindan too geng d..
no gold, silver oso not bad ar!

Pictures from Olypmpic official website

Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia


LinDan from China

Who will win the gold medal for badminton men's singles?
The game will be started tonite at 8.48pm
hehe..of course i hope Lee can bring back a gold medal!

and hor

Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal in the Men's 4 x 100m Medley Relay final
this morning by breaking the world record too!

Congratulations to US team

So, M.Phelps won a total of eight gold medal in olympic 08, broke 7 world record.
and he got a total of 14 olympic gold medal already.
I wonder who else can break this record next time?hehe..
luv him so muchh..

Michael Phelps..cute-nya

p/s: sorry, convo pictures haven patient ya..


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